Our Impact

The Woodbridge Structured Funding Foundation gives back to local communities in a variety of ways, with a main focus on providing for underprivileged women, children & veterans.

Our impact extends across a number of different charities including generous donations to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and a variety of local children’s sports teams.

Spotlight: St. Baldrick’s Foundation

stbaldricksThe St. Baldrick’s Foundation funds research to help cure kids with cancer. Donations from the Woodbridge Structured Funding Foundation are used to help children who are diagnosed with cancer each year, including infants, children, teens, and young adults.

Known as the “home of the head-shaving event,” St. Baldrick’s supports an annual head-shaving event as a way to raise awareness.

The Woodbridge Structured Funding Foundation has had the privilege of working with St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Woodbridge Structured Funding Foundation’s parent company, Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC consistently pledges generous amounts to the charity, and Woodbridge family members have even volunteered to be ‘shavees,’ shaving their heads for this amazing cause.

More Charitable Contributions

In addition to our contributions to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the Woodbridge Structured Funding Foundation has also helped to raise funds for children’s baseball teams to help provide children and their communities with opportunities for exercise and recreation.

Interested in being a part of our work towards improving the lives of women, children and veterans? Contact us online or call (866) 865-7044 to see how you can get involved.